Love and Light on Orange is a healing space lovingly created to serve a variety of souls, with the purpose of assisting with the collective awakening. LALO serves the communities of Media, Swarthmore and the surrounding area, including Philadelphia and North Delaware. LALO’s mission is to provide a space for Soul Tribes to come together and recognize one another, sharing and helping with mutual healing in a safe and high vibrational space. Each member of this spiritual community arrives symbolically holding their piece of a patchwork quilt, representing their version and experience of awakening to this point. Each time we come together, these pieces join to form a living, growing tapestry. LALO curriculum and services are designed to consider varied modalities of learning and healing:

  • Earth - physical healing

  • Air - mental healing 

  • Water - emotional healing

  • Fire - spiritual healing

With Love & Light,


302 South Orange Street 

Second Floor, Media, PA 19063 

Tel: 215-219-7892