Dr. Allison Dru Chabot provides individual psychotherapy for those who seek a safe and neutral place to air their concerns and “talk about anything.” Allison’s superpower is helping her clients find their own intuition, their own voice, their own direction and clarity. Therapeutic interventions and treatment goals are designed in collaboration with the client and tailored to each person’s situation.

Respite and Retreat at LALO

Consider taking time for yourself, in a private setting, to find respite from the daily demands of working, parenting and adulting during COVID. The physical setting of Love and Light on Orange has an inviting and transmuting energy that welcomes you up the stairs and brings you home to yourself. Select a half-day, full-day or overnight stay at LALO to step away from your current set of cares, and emerge with a lighter energy and renewed resolve to show up for yourself and others.. For more information on her offerings, please click here.


Meditation is a natural human ability to pay deep attention to this present moment. When we focus on what is happening in the "now" we begin to appreciate the preciousness and richness that exits here. From this power place of the now we can relax into a deeper understanding of our true nature which becomes a well-spring for many positive occurrences to naturally arise in our lives. Our lives become more rich with clarity, inner peace, compassion, loving-kindness and inner confidence.


Yoga is a moving meditation, and an ancient practice that is a pathway to improved physical, emotional and spiritual health. We practice yoga to become still, to become wise, and to become even more loving to ourselves. Dipping into these moments on the mat allows us to take the practice off the mat and into other parts of our lives. Please join us for restorative, slow flow yoga in an intimate setting.


Find your tribe through classes and workshops led by a variety of teachers and healers from the spiritual community. Join us as you piece together your meaning-making, your awakening experience … your piece of the patchwork quilt. May you find information and guidance that soothes your soul, brings you alive, and moves you toward living your best life.

302 South Orange Street 

Second Floor, Media, PA 19063 

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